Thursday, March 17, 2016

Featured Author Jean E. Lane

Today we're featuring author Jean E. Lane. 

Jean E. is the creator of the Lill and Mewe Series for children ages 8-12. Her amazing ability to educate while entertain is what makes her a top author! 

Jean E. possesses a love of science and space, and enjoys sharing her knowledge with the world. She is a member of the Planetary Society along with Bill Nye the Science Guy, and is the author of the Jean E. Lane Imagine This blog.

She has spoken at the Orlando Science Center regarding her favorite planet, Mars, and has attended both the London and Prague book fairs. 

Volume 3 in the Lill and Mewe Series has officially released and will soon be available in both print and ebook from

For more information and/or to follow Jean E. on social media by visiting her on Facebook at Be sure to also visit her author page at JLB Creatives Publishing.

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