Monday, June 20, 2016

Say Hello to Fantasy Author Amy Lehigh - Our New JLB Creatives Publishing Editing Apprentice

Amy Lehigh
JLB Creatives Publishing
Apprentice Editor
Amy Lehigh came to us in 2012 as an attendee of a debuting young writers workshop. She was shy, inward-going, creative, and loved the literary world.

She began her journey to publication as a novice writer, and has since become a full fledged advanced author who is outgoing, even more creative, and has had several works published by JLB Creatives Publishing. 

Amy currently serves as an intern under the direction of library manager, Ann Marie Smith, at the Pickford Community Library in Pickford, Michigan.

Amy is a charter member of the Pickford Community Library's Young Writers Workshop. Over the last four years this particular workshop has been deemed the largest young writing group of its kind in the state of Michigan. It is also the creative table on which a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind writing curriculum was developed. JLB Creatives Publishing has been involved with this young writers workshop from its inception in 2012, and top team members of JLBCP continue to facilitate the adventures both in person and via Skype for this ground-breaking group. Amy, along with her peers, has played a key part in the development of JLB Creatives Publishing's Journey to Publication Writing Program Curriculum.

We have watched Amy flourish in many ways throughout the years. She graduated high school this year, and is getting ready to go on to college. She shared with us that she is interested in becoming an editor.

After taking a vote, it was unanimous that we should offer her an apprenticeship with JLB Creatives Publishing beginning as a proof editor for our children's books, leading into full editing of fiction novels.

When our senior editor approached Amy with the offer she didn't have to think twice. Her answer was a resounding YES! She is honored, as are we, to begin this new venture in helping yet another author, future editor, and literary lover succeed in the industry.

Janet Beasley
JLB Creatives CEO
"It's going to be such a special part of the company's overall enhancement process," said JLB Creatives CEO, Janet Beasley. "To know that one of our very first Young Writers Workshop enthusiasts has mastered the craft through our program over the last 4 years, and will be working alongside our JLB Creatives Publishing senior editor, Dar Bagby, editing the next Pickford Community Library Young Writers Workshop's anthology and novellas early 2017 is not only exciting, but humbling and overwhelming all in the same breath. The connection between Amy and the Young Writers Workshop is personal for many of us on the JLBCP team, and we couldn't be prouder of Amy becoming qualified to edit works that will come from 'her humble beginning days'."

Please visit Boelik on Smashwords to download Amy's FREE novella, published by JLB Creatives Publishing through the Journey to Publication Writing Program.

Boelik has strived to avoid people all of his life. He shouldn’t even exist. But when he hears trouble and lets his conscience take over, his life begins to take on meaning that he never knew it could. And, one day, what he had built up suddenly comes crashing down. 

In anticipation of one more fateful day, Boelik sits out centuries. Travelling from one place to another, he takes up a new life, and, against his better judgement, new friends. Unfortunately, as he’s learned, nothing lasts forever.

Why not join us in extending a warm welcome to Amy? We invite you to leave a comment of welcome, congratulations, or cheers on joining the professional team of JLB Creatives Publishing as of June 13, 2016.

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