Monday, July 4, 2016

Say Hello to Paranormal Romance Author Honnah Patnode

Honnah Patnode, the author of Parallel Infinities, is a seventeen-year-old high school student. She has been writing since she was drawn to the hobby in the midst of middle school boredom and has, as of the release of this novella, created two works to be professionally published. She has many ideas for future works of literature and hopes to publish them as well. In her college career, creative writing is one of the things she aims to focus on most in order to incorporate it into a successful career.

When she is not writing, Honnah occupies her time with music. She plays the clarinet and piano, composes musical pieces on computerized programs, and listens to a wide variety of genres. She prefers to listen to and create music that is emotionally moving and has authenticity and uniqueness to it. Honnah is a member of her high school band and considers the elective to be a favorite hobby for the sense of community and accomplishment it brings. She also busies herself outside of school by caring for and playing with her four pets: two cats and two dogs.

Her plans for the future are to pursue happiness in whatever form it may be. She hopes to continue writing and bring moving, emotional, and ultimately thought-provoking experiences to readers that pick up her books. For her, writing is a very personal, cathartic experience, and she hopes to bring that same sense of individuality into her readers’ lives. Her favorite aspect of writing fiction is the knowledge that every reader will perceive the story in a slightly different way, intertwining his/her personal life into the story in a way that makes it even more poignant.

Honnah's inspiration comes predominantly from beauty and tragedy in the world around her, and both of those emotional experiences are what she hopes to express through her writing, regardless of where the characters or plots take her. It also comes from the artistic success stories that motivate her to try to forge her writing into something remarkable.

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Rosetta Spin has an odd relationship with reality. On one hand, she has worked her entire life to create a decent future for herself after tragedy struck her family when she was just a child. In emerging as a survivor of such a dark time, she unwittingly fell into an addiction for dreams. In the midst of her affinity for what could be as opposed to what is, she learns to astrally project — to separate her soul from her body and go on fantastical adventures with no regard for reality.

She keeps the line between her life and her adventures well drawn until she meets someone in the astral plane who causes her to question exactly what is real and which side of her existence she wants to be real. At first she is certain that fanciful dreams are best kept locked away for fear of being let down, but as her astral companion finds his own place in her heart, she begins to wonder if some dreams are worth the risk of the pain losing them would cost.

In a journey that quite literally forces her to search her heart and soul for answers, Rosetta must find a way to trust in herself and her fantasies because, as time ticks on, it becomes exponentially clearer that her happiness is entwined with the desires she represses most. Will the persistent call of reality dull the beauty she has learned to expect when she goes on her adventures, or will the excitement of a dream being realized prevail?

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