Monday, August 15, 2016

Excerpt Extravaganza! Today's Excerpt Is From "The Untold Legend - The Warrior Queen"

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To read all of our Monday excerpts thus far, we invite you to visit our blog archives and look for our first Excerpt Extravaganza! that began on Monday August 1, 2016.


All previous excerpts are available in our archives. We began this series on August 1, 2016.

Today's excerpt is from NIEA Winner author Amy I. Long's adult fantasy novel The Untold Legend - The Warrior Queen. 

Days passed, and not one person said a word about the disappearance of my sister. One night I went to my chamber early. Father burst through my doors carrying his sword.

“You I will kill this night for taking my only daughter away. The servants who searched this hall have found Deira’s body. You will pay!” he shouted, stepping closer.

“If you wish to fight me, let it be tomorrow,” I said. 

“No, you will die this night!” he screamed. 

“But would you not want everyone to watch my death?” I calmly questioned. 

“No, this is a private matter,” he said sternly. 

Knowing my father was a poor swordsman, I tried to put the matter off. When he raised his sword to me, I did defend myself. “You cannot win,” I said, blocking every blow. I even tried my old trick of stripping him of clothes. I cut them off, and still he fought on. “Go away,” I yelled. 

I got no response; he just fought on. With all my strength, I drew back my sword and then brought it forward to block his blow. I attempted to break his sword in half. It stayed in one piece. But because of the force of the blow it fell to the floor. I dropped to my knees and grabbed it. Backing up, I faced my naked father. A sword now in each hand, I held them both up, twirled them around, and then brought them both forward and crossed them in front of me, never once removing my eyes from him. I wanted to prove that I was a better opponent than he thought me to be.

“You cannot win against me, not with my experience,” I said, returning my own sword back to my side. I held only his. 

“How did you ever get out of this room?” he asked while breathing heavily. 

“You helped her. You helped Deira attempt to kill me by locking me in my own room to starve,” I blurted at him. 

“How?” he asked again. 

“I jumped,” I yelled. Backing up a few steps, I lowered his sword down to rest at my side. After staring at me for a moment, he lunged across the floor, pulling back his fist. He tried to strike me, but I blocked it by bringing the sword forward to meet his fist. His hand met the smooth part, not the edge, but the blow to his knuckles made him double over in pain. 

I waited until he gained his composure. When he faced me, he grabbed my wrist in an attempt to make me drop the sword. Out of reflex, I took my other hand and placed it near his. Using my strength, I turned it, slicing his thigh. He instantly stepped back, releasing his hold. 

“Why fight, old man? You cannot win,” I said, watching him examine his wound.


If you've been trying to decide if adult fantasy is a genre you want to dive into, we highly recommend our NIEA Winner, Amy I. Long's The Untold Legend to break into the genre. And if you're an established adult fantasy enthusiast you won't be disappointed to pick up this amazing tale of love and honor. To discover more about Amy or to purchase her novel visit Amy I. Long's author page on our JLB Creatives Publishing website.

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