Monday, October 31, 2016

Excerpt Extravaganza! Today's Excerpt from "Maycly the Trilogy Book 2"

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To read all of our excerpts thus far, we invite you to visit our blog archives and look for our first Excerpt Extravaganza! that began on August 1, 2016.


All previous excerpts are available in our archives. We began this series on August 1, 2016.

Today's excerpt is from author Janet Beasley's "The Hidden Earth Series: Volume 1 Maycly the Trilogy - Book 2 The Battle of Trust and Treachery." 

Swinging the stick over his shoulder Charleo returned to the foyer. He flipped to the last page of the tablet and pulled from it the note he had written to Marlen. He laid it on the small table next to the door and placed a dancing-daffodil from her garden atop the note. He opened the front door and turned to take one last look at his home in its current state. Through the tiny window in the kitchen he could still see Marlen in the back yard. The boys skipped and jumped like boys do. He knew it would be a long time before he would ever see his home and family again...and he knew it would be different in the days to come on Maycly. 

The door squeaked and latched behind Charleo as it always had. Rascally stood near the gate attached to the wagon. The horse pawed at the ground and whinnied low. Charleo approached him and gave him a quick pat on the nose. “Not this time big fella. I be a-goin’ on foot. I'll be aseein' ye again, but not fer a long time. Ye watch o’er Marlen and the boys fer me. Take ‘em ta town by way of the scenic 8 HIDDEN EARTH Volume 1 MAYCLY The Trilogy route, eh?” Rascally nickered softly and shook his mane so that it brushed Charleo’s face. Charleo could not help but cry. Rascally rubbed his cheek on Charleo's and dried the tears. 
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