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Blog Talk Radio - What the heck is that?

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     Welcome back to all of you returning followers, and a big hello and welcome to those of you who are new this week. We certainly hope you find the JLB Creatives Blog to be a fun blog you can stop by and enjoy with the whole family.

     This week we're going to be discussing the potential and the coolness of  If you're like me you may not have heard of this as of yet...but once you discover it you'll be hooked! Check out this week's Video and Topic Post to gain more insight on this site.
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Blog Talk Radio
What the Heck Is That?

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     When I discovered BlogTalkRadio I was ecstatic! To think there's a place, as an author or photographer, where you can build a following of fans. As a listener it's a great place to learn, gather information, or strictly be entertained on the topic of your choice. 

     My first experience with the site was when I was interviewed by J Blair Brown on her program titled "Livin' The Dream." (link will take you to my interview) Doing an interview with her delivered exposure for me and my upcoming epic fantasy novel, "Maycly," on a scale that I had no idea I could tip! I began receiving emails, Twitter followers, "Likes" on the JLB Creatives Facebook page, and more! Her interview served as a wonderful catalyst to get my name out there and begin the path to making social media connections. 

     As a listener I have had the privilege of connecting with several people in my industry who have been of such great influence it's still amazing to me. 

     When used for the common good of mankind Blog Talk Radio brings about the best of the best who may or may not have already been discovered in their field of artistry or expertise. You'll find topics related to books, photographers, music, health, pets, and more.

     Like my LINKs OF THE WEEK - I by no means endorse this site, get money for clicks or visits, or anything like that. It is strictly a valuable tool I was introduced to on the web and wanted to share it with others who may be wondering just how in the world they can begin to get their name out there. No guarantees of course of your level of success. Like any type marketing or promoting of your work or takes dedication, time, and enthusiasm to get it off the ground.  

     I would suggest you plan a regular time and day that you know you would be available. People with busy lives will "fit things" into their schedules if they see a worth - but it has to be consistent: same day, same time. 

     Even if you're not a "marketing genius" can shine the light on the endless possibilities available to the public when it comes time to give a shout out about yours and others' talents. For instance, if you're an author, you could produce a program where you read your novel - perhaps a chapter a week for a few weeks to get readers interested. Start a program where you contact other authors and have them send you snippets from their WIP and become known as the Hook of Books! You can even take live calls during your live interviews. 

     Here's the link to the program: BLOGTALKRADIO You can listen to programs and check it out for free - there are services and subscriptions which require fees - but have proven to those I've talked with to be well worth the money when you're willing to put the time into it.

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     For those of you who are visiting us for the first time I'd like to fill you in on my writing career. My epic fantasy novel titled "Maycly" is the first volume in my six novel series titled "Hidden Earth."

     "Maycly" was recently on submission - and rejected...but not to worry! It was a very nice rejection letter encouraging us to continue submitting with other publishers, as well as giving us an open invitation to submit novels to them at any time. We've taken their advice and are preparing our next submission to another publisher. It should get to them the week of Aug. 14th - so let the nail biting begin once again! Thanks for your continued support and shared enthusiasm as we journey the road to publication.

     With that said...we're already branching out into the other 5 novels that will follow "Maycly," with concepts, story-boarding, illustrations, and even writing the stories themselves. Dar and I are having so much fun coming up with new characters, creatures, and more!

     Just to keep your attention on what could become a hard copy epic fantasy novel in the future...I've added an excerpt from "Maycly" below for you to enjoy. Please note: Should a publisher decide to accept "Maycly"...this little excerpt could read very differently, be deleted, or even moved to a new chapter once the editor has worked their magic. :) Enjoy and leave a comment letting me know if you would want to read more!

Excerpt from the epic fantasy novel "Maycly" written by Janet Beasley.

     Bewildered, Iona cut loose again with her gift of chattering. “Let’s see…today I’ve seen a…a…gnome-like guy pop out of a cloud and leave a Dream Decanter on my nightstand. It spewed musical fog that my feet and legs are now dangling in causing my legs to heal. And let’s not forget the three-inch-long buzzing something…whose name, by the way, was apparently Jit? And he…she…I think it was a he…had a face like a human and wings like a dragonfly that he used to fly by my eyes leaving a trail of sparkles. Then he disappeared into the cloud with the little gnome guy…man…thing. I opened a magic letter signed by SUL, and now my birthmark is warm. Are you kidding me?” 
     She tried to put all of the recent events together. The poem on the card faded. It and the envelope burst into flames in her hand, making her jump. “Too weird. It didn’t burn me. Well, that was interesting.”
     She went silent, pondering to herself. “I will never see this place again.” Though it might have been guilt forcing these feelings, she wanted to believe she was truly thankful for the provisions she had received.
     “Yap! Yap! Yap! YOWLY-WOWEEE!”
     “Well, there’s another new noise from you. I guess you’re getting a little anxious? All I can say is, it’s a good thing you can’t talk because you’d chatter on more than me!” Iona calmed her small dog, Wiskee, with her touch. “OK. OK. I’m on it.”
     She brushed her hands together and resituated herself on the bed. She thought about her job—she was no longer going to be visiting those in need, and this troubled her.
     “I will see to it they are cared for.” Iona could not believe she was hearing what she thought was SUL’s audible voice again.
     She looked at Wiskee and whispered, “And we’ll never see our strange but lovable friend, Dumpster Man, again.” She had grown quite fond of him.
     With his nose, Wiskee pushed her hand toward the Dream Decanter, but she was still admiring the apartment. “Holy smokes! I can’t leave those!” She jumped from the bed and gathered the only remaining tangible memories of her family and put them safely in the waistband of her pajama bottoms.
     She sat back down on the bed and clutched Wiskee under her arm without thinking. He made the noises to let her know she was holding him a little too tight.
     “Oh, I’m sorry little buddy.” She loosened her grip.
     Saying goodbye to her home was all too familiar and unpleasant. Iona closed her eyes and silently beckoned. Please let this be true. Please, SUL, I want to trust You with all my heart, and believe that You will take me to my family. She reached for the Dream Decanter, never letting Wiskee out of her grasp, and did just as the poem had instructed.
     Window shades dropped with a whoosh and a thud. Iona freaked and spoke from the pitch dark, “I didn’t know we had window shades.” All of the outside noises ceased; the silence was spooky.
     Guarding Wiskee with her life, she crossed her legs underneath her and felt the bed begin slowly turning and moving upward through the darkness. She was afraid of hitting the ceiling but was also afraid to jump because she did not know how high they really were. She reached high above her head and felt nothing. “STAY PUT WISKEE!” She hated to let go of him, but was concerned at their height. Carefully she stood on the bed but could not feel anything above them; she knew she could reach the ceiling if she stood on the bed. Frightened she sat back down and immediately grabbed Wiskee. If we’re floating in space, where are the stars? Where’s the moon? What are we…suspended in time?
     With her next breath she gagged. “What is that awful smell. Ack! That certainly isn’t roses! This can’t be right.” She saw what she thought was a fireball heading toward them. It came up fast from below and just missed the bed on its rapid ascent. Iona screamed. The fireball fizzled out high above their heads like a dud firework. She tossed the Dream Decanter to her pillow and scooted to the center of the bed, not letting Wiskee out of her tight grasp. She felt him trembling.
     She had always longed for adventure, but this was not exactly the adventure she had pictured in her mind. Somberly Iona spoke into the darkness, “What have I done?” 

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Pic and Thought of the Day
Janet Beasley
"Some days are rougher than others"

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     Some already know this about me, others may not...I'm a dog lover. So much so I even have a puppy of the day that appears on my home page. 

     If you've never visited The Daily Puppy online, and you're a dog lover, I'd like to invite you to take a look. Don't say I didn't warn you...the cute-o-meter is always peaking high into the red zone! 
     Of course I don't endorse the site, make money for clicks or visits, it's just a cool site I've fallen in love with that I wanted to share with you. Enjoy!

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     I certainly hope you enjoyed this week's post; discovering Blog Talk Radio, catching up on my novels' progression and getting to read an excerpt, peaking the cute-o-meter with The Daily Puppy, and enjoying one of my photographs with a caption. What more could a blog reader ask for? :)

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Stay casual, live life to the fullest, and have a piece of chocolate!


  1. What a great blog!! I too am familar with blog talk radio as I cohost a show there!! My show is called JournalJabber.... I loved your post and blog talk radio is a great forum for marketing!!
    I found you through Book blogs and I am glad I did!!

  2. Hey Cambria - thanks so much for the comment. Like you...I just love Blog Talk Radio. Appreciate the "follow" and shared enthusiasm...I've gladly returned the favor. ~Janet~


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