Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Other Artists

Welcome back everyone! Thanks so much for joining us here at the JLB Creatives Blog. There's always fun to be had, something to learn, and updates on the progress of my novels. This week, we're going to take you to the JLB Creatives website where you will have the opportunity to discover...Other Artists!

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     While collecting the information from so many talented and creative people, I was thrilled beyond belief to find such diversity within the writing and photography genres. It's always fun to meet people from around the world who share like passions. 

     I have been introduced to photographers who offer trips/classes on how to photograph sail yachts and others who offer African trips to photograph the amazing land and animals. I've discovered others who are geniuses when it comes to weddings, pets, families, and still others when it comes to sports, nature, and wildlife. Equine photographers, sunset specialists, and the list just keeps going!

     When it comes to authors, I've been exposed to bloggers who blog about everything ranging in styles from informative, humorous, inspirational, and enlightening. There are some really great story tellers out there too; novelists, poets, short story writers, and more! Their artistry with "pen and ink" is off the charts when it comes to mastering the creative use of words.

     If you enjoy reading, or gazing upon photos, please take the time to visit the multiple pages listed on my website under the title Other Artists. The multiple pages can be found to the right once you click on the main link. 

     Should you decide to follow one of these creative genius' blog, patronize their services, or "Like" their Facebook pages, please be sure and let them know you found them through the JLB Creatives Blog. 

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NOVEL UPDATE: "MAYCLY" plus VOL 2 in the Hidden Earth Series - Preparing to submit "Maycly" to the next publisher of choice. I'm also busy writing the next volume in the Hidden Earth series and Dar is busy with new illustrations and we're both having a blast discovering new characters and what kind of trouble they can get into and out of, new lands, new animals, new's just the best! Thanks again for all your shared enthusiasm and support. I promise...someday, you'll be able to read my novels, and I'm not lying when I say, they're worth the wait! 

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Pic n' Thought
Janet Beasley
It's friends and family that make 
the journey of life worth hiking.

     Are you a dog and/or cat lover? Are birds, lizards, reptiles, or rodents your thing? Do you have a pet...or pets? I know I am an animal lover for sure, with dogs being number 1 on my list! If you're an animal lover you may find this link of the week to be quite fun. 

     When it comes to naming your pet or pets, sometimes it's hard to explain exactly what their personality is - so the name you choose for them has to be "just right." Check out the link below and discover how many cool pet names are out there for so many species.

     What a cool week, huh? From opening our eyes to the hidden talent that dwells around the globe, to finding out we're getting closer on an answer for the novel submission, and discovering a ton of awesome pet names...I'd say we've had another full week! 

     Thanks again for stopping by. Remember to continue to share us with your friends and family. Tweet about us, "LIKE" and share us on Facebook, email everyone you know, take your friends to dinner and pull up a pic from the JLB Creatives Photo Treasure website page - download a cool pic for wallpaper on your phone and share the link with them...who knows, after that stunt they may even offer to buy your dinner (no guarantees)! ;-)

Until next week...
Stay casual, live life to the fullest, and have a piece of chocolate!




  1. Great piece of advice, Janet: "Stay casual, live life to the fullest, and have a piece of chocolate!" Especially the part about having a piece of chocolate!

  2. Hey Rosie! Glad I could be of help...anytime I can help someone with chocolate, it's a good day! ;-) Great to see you here. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Good advice (especially the chocolate :) and such a nice expression of the community that is artists.

  4. Hey Jenny - thanks so much for stopping by and posting a comment. Appreciate the kind words and glad to bring a smile...I've found chocolate has that effect on many. ;-)


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