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Ebooks - What? Where? How?

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This week it's all about Ebooks - check out the video and the Topic Post to gain a better insight on the subject.


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     When it comes to buying ebooks there are a lot of choices - which is a good thing! 

     Keep in mind that ereaders and electronic tablets (such as an IPad) are two different things. There are ways to read ebooks on pretty much any digital device - as long as you can connect to the internet to download them. Once books are downloaded onto your device of choice - be it an ereader, tablet, cell phone, or even your PC or laptop - you can read them without being connected to the internet.

     When it comes to reading ebooks on your PC's or Laptops you'll first need to download and install the needed software from like say Kindle or Nook. But once you've done that - you'll be able to download books just like those who are carrying more portable type devices.  

     Let's take a look at two of the top ereaders: Kindle and Nook. Kindles are ereaders that allow you to download entire novels in minutes (if not seconds) from Amazon. The Nook ereader allows you the same privilege through Barnes & Noble. Another brand by the name of Pandigital - which is what I am using at the moment - serves as a low end type tablet with a kickin' ereader tied in with Barnes & Noble, so I frequent Nook quite often.

     You'll want to keep your eye out as Kindle among others are beginning to bring out better ereaders and tablets at the speed!  

     Where can you buy ebooks? Just about anywhere online - from sites dedicated to books such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble to author webpages, blogs, and more! Another popular site is Smashwords. Keep in mind that just because a book is available on Kindle doesn't necessarily mean it's available on Nook. A newer site that brings you great details for several genres of books containing videos, links taking you directly to where you can find these authors ebooks, and more can be found at Orangeberry Books Collective. (One of our newest sponsors!)

     Ebook costs range from FREE on up! There are several that start out at 99 cents and are a very popular choice for readers to give a new author a try without a lot of investment. The problem this leads to for some of us is that epic books, such as mine, are governed by some of the ebook sites and as the self-publishing author you are not allowed to sell it for less than $2.99.  It's tough because you'd like for people to try your book - but as the author you are up against those who are uploading books regularly for FREE or 99 cents. 

     So the next time you are shopping ebooks and see one for 99 cents, yet the title of the $2.99 or $4.99 ebooks peak your interest just as much but are written by someone you consider to be a new author - think twice about what you might be getting for that extra money. ;-)

     How do you self-publish an ebook? Each site has their guidelines, so be sure and follow them for successful uploads. I'm not going to go into detail on this as we'd be here all day. HINT: Don't be afraid to do some research on your own and/or ask questions of those who have already published ebooks successfully. 

To check out some of my fellow authors 
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And to help celebrate the TOPIC POST:
Janet and her husband also write non-fiction self-help books together regarding church-community-and other 
live events and productions.

Now available on Kindle of .99 cents!

Janet is using the name of Jan Beasley for her
author name in this series to help in keeping
her epic fantasies separate from her non-fiction. 

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Pic n' Thought
Janet Beasley
Find a pleasant setting and frolic until 
your heart's content!

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     My dear faithful fans - you're hanging in there with us in style! Still waiting to hear from the publisher. We've only got 4-6 weeks left to wait before we can contact the current publisher to inquire about the progress of "Maycly" (Volume 1 in my 6 novel "Hidden Earth" series.)

     In the mean time, why not help get your friends and family interested in the "Hidden Earth" series? It's fast, easy, and fun! All you need to do is share the JLB Creatives Blog, JLB Creatives Facebook Page, or send them on over to become a follower of JLB Creatives on Twitter. Be sure and ask them to "Join the Blog," "Like" the Facebook Page, and/or "Follow" JLB Creatives on Twitter @JLBCreatives and they will be in-the-know just like you. 

     Because of your dedication and shared enthusiasm the author name of Janet Beasley, and JLB Creatives is getting out there. You totally rock!

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     One of my favorite birds is the swallowtail kite. A magnificent specimen to watch as it "sails" through the air with grace and dignity. Check out some of the coolest facts about the swallowtail kite from this week's link:

I by no means endorse this site, necessarily agree with their viewpoints, get money
for clicks or's just strictly one of my favorite birds, and I wanted to
share about them with you, my wonderful followers! 

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     How cool was this post? We learned a little bit about ebooks and how to download them for reading on several devices, checked out swallow-tailed kites, and frolicked in a field of flowers. Certainly there was something for you to get a smile from...right? 

     Hey, I just wanted to thank all of you who have been actively supporting us and spreading the news regarding my novels and photographs. It's people like you with shared enthusiasm that keep my creativity peeking from week to week!

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Have a great day...until next time,
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  1. Hi Janet,

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.

  2. Hey Bea! Just making the rounds - been busy getting ready for the Trick or Treat Blog Adventure. Thanks a whole big bunch for the nomination! What a wonderful way to close out my hectic day! Have a good one... ~Janet~


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