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The Trick or Treat Blog Adventure Is Here!


Welcome Video by your host:
epic fantasy author Janet Beasley

~     ~     ~

Here are the simple rules:

Listed below are several blogs by authors 
covering a wide range of genres.

Bookmark JLB Creatives Blog so you can
return to grab new blogs to Trick or Treat to.

Trick or Treat to as many of the 
blogs as you'd like between Oct. 28-31, 2011.

The authors/bloggers have devised contests for you to enter to win their special prizes.

Simply follow the rules:
1) Become a follower of the author's blog.
 2) Each blog host has devised their 
own unique contest,
3) Follow their rules and you'll be entered!

~   ~   ~

Author's and their blogs are listed in no certain order.
Please excuse the wacky spacing and random 
"highlighting" effect - technology...gotta love it!

Listings include the following:
1) Author Name
2) Blog Name
3) Blog Address
4) Contest Instructions
5) Prize(s) Offered

~   ~   ~

1) Karen S. Elliott (Contest on 10/31 only)
2) Karen S. Elliott's blog
4) Leave a comment on Karen's blog on 10/31 and be automatically entered to win a free 3,000 word proofread, edit, and critique.
5) One free 3,000 word proofread, edit, and critique.

Tammie Clarke Gibbs

1)Tammie Clarke Gibbs
2)Daydreaming with Author Tammie Clarke Gibbs
 4) 5)Follow Tammie's Blog and Leave a comment  letting her know you're following 10/31/11  and be automatically entered to win one of 5 Free ISLAND OF SECRET ebooks.  Everyone who comments and signs up for her Newsletter on her website will receive a free surprise gift.

My Photo

1) Lorane Leavy (Contest may only be available 10/31)
2) Last Seen Wearing Thin
4) Follow Lorane's blog and leave a comment 10/31/11
5) One free color collage, 5x7, of L's fav Trick-or-Treaters

Kimberly LaRocca

1) Kimberly LaRocca
2) Kimberly’s Page
4) Follow the blog and leave a comment on any poem on 10/31/11 along with the words “trick or treat”
 5) Five lucky winners will receive a signed copy of the book.

1) Betty Dravis (Contest may only be 10/31)
2) Dames of Dialogue
4) Leave a comment at bottom of blog to enter the Trick or Treat drawing - no profanity, vulgarity, etc. Posts containing such will be automatically deleted
5) 5 lucky commentors will win a free e-book copy of "1106 Grand Boulevard" (for which I will need your e-mail address)

1) Pandora Poikilos
2) Peace from Pieces 
4) Follow the blog via Google Follow Connect, email me with the subject "Pandora's Trick or Treat" 
5) 1 lucky follower will win a $5 Amazon giftcard. 

1) Daniel L Carter
2) The G-6 Chronicles Facebook Fanpage
4) Like The G-6 Chronicles on Facebook
5) The G-6 Chronicles will be giving away a first edition autographed copy of The Unwanted book 1 of The Unwanted Trilogy. Simply like our page for a chance to win for the month of October. One random fan will be chosen on Halloween Monday October 31st. 

Carolyn Arnold

1) Carolyn Arnold (Contest may only be 10?31)
2) Carolyn Arnold Author
4) A chance to win an ARC copy of ELEVEN (Kindle version) set to release 11.11.11.  TWO COPIES up for grabs!  
5) To qualify, entrants must follow my blog, watch the trailer and answer the trivia question about it correctly in their comment.
6) Extra chances to win if specificed tweets are shared.
7) Every comment and link to my blog (on Twitter) will be assigned a number. A random number generator will determine the winners.

Dixie Miller Goode
1) Dixie Goode 
2) Duffy Barkley's "Mom"
4) Instructions - I will place the names of commenters, who leave a mention of the trick or treat blog adventure, in a hat and one lucky winner will be announced on the blog.
5) I'm offering - One Paperback set of My Two Novels - but they have to be willing to email me their mailing address, which I will only use to send them the books

Deb Hockenberry

1) Deb Hockenberry
2) The Bumpy Road To Children's Publishing
4) Instructions - I will place the names of commenters in a hat and one lucky winner will be announced on the blog to email me their story,
5) I'm offering - One critique to a childeren's story.

Lorhainne Eckhart

1) Lorhainne Eckhart
2) Illusions
4) Leave a comment and follow the blog.
5) One lucky commentor to receive 2 eBooks of Lorhainne Eckhart's last two releases, The Choice, and The Captain's Lady

Cindy Smith

1) C.V. Smith
2) Nettie Parker's Backyard
4) email me ( as to why you want to read my book. 
 Best answer wins!
5) A free copy of my ebook

 1) Joseph Rinaldo
 2) Read Rinaldo
 4) Read the post entitled "What Do Books Mean To You?", leave a comment on the post, and invite one friend to do so as well
 5) One free copy of my ebook "Hazardous Choices" to each of the first five commenters

1) Maranda Russell
Image of Maranda Russell2) Maranda Russell Author
4) Visitors just need to leave a comment on the "My Books" page (the link above goes directly to this page).  Would love to hear your thoughts about my book covers/concepts!
5) One winner will be chosen to receive a signed copy of my paperback picture book, "Ode to Icky"!  Will need each person who comments to give their email address so I can contact them if they win. 

Small Photo

1) John Zunski
2) Musings of a Mountain Dweller
4) Visitors have to correctly 'pronounce' Maistoinna Standing Bear's first name...  It will be a multiple choice question.
5) winners receive a free e-copy of Shangri-La Trailer Park.

Stephanie Keyes
1) Stephanie Keyes
2) Everyday Fiction In Progress
4) Instructions on what your Trick or Treaters need to do to be entered in a contest or receive your "treat" that you will be responsible for. The first five trick or treaters to visit the site and comment on at least two posts.
5) What you're offering: i.e. a book giveaway, a free bookmark to all who leave a comment, whatever the ONE thing is you want to offer. Winners will receive an ebook copy of The Star Child.

Judy Ann Lashinski Davis

1) Judy Ann Davis
2) A Writer's Revelations
4) Follow the blog and leave a comment on the bottom with contact info. and words, "Trick or Treat." 
5) One randomly chosen winner will receive a first edition, signed copy of Red Fox Woman

Erik Gustafson
1) Erik Gustafson (Contest may only be on 10?31)
2) Apparitions of Terror
4) Do a trick (comment) describing the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to you.
5) Get a treat: the three creepiest true stories will win a free ebook copy of "Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon

Linn Halton
1) Linn B. Halton - Founder of Love A Happy Ending
2) Love A Happy Ending 
4) Visit the site - everyone's a winner!
5) Prize - discover the treasures of 30 elite authors: Some participating right here on this event 

About The Author

1)William G. Bentrim (Contest may only be on 10/31)
2)Azure Dwarf’s Horde of SciFi & Fantasy 
4)Click on link to post, fill out name, email address and physical address.  Leave out physical if so inclined.  
5) One copy of Lory Kaufman's YA novel, The Lens and the Looker.

Vickie Adair

1) Vickie Adair
2) Storyteller's Blog
4) Leave a comment on the blog to enter the Trick or Treat drawing. 
5) 2 lucky commenters will win a free of "Sonnet of a Housewife" signed by the author.

Amrita Publishing

1) Amrita Publishing
2) NiamhClune
4) Pick your favourite short Halloween story from among those submitted.
5) Participants will be contacted via facebook and asked to supply their e-mail address to receive a free download sent by email from CD Touching Angels.

Collette Scott

1) Collette Scott
2) Collette Scott - Author
4) To enter to win a "treat" readers need to leave a comment with their email address and follow my blog.
5) Five lucky commenters will receive a free ebook of Hannah's Blessing from Smashwords or via email.

Niamh Clune
1) Niamh Clune
2) NiamhCluneWrites
3). Niamh Clune
4) Add a short story about an inspirational woman you know. 

5) Best one, which shall be judged on AC, wins a FREE download of Orange Petals in a Storm

1) Jan & Don Beasley 
2) Live Events and Productions
4) Leave a comment to enter the Trick or Treat drawing - no profanity, vulgarity, etc. Posts containing such will be automatically deleted
5) 1 lucky comment will win a free ebook copy of "Production P.A.R.T.Y. - Coordinating a Full Scale Production"

1)  Candice W. Coghill (a.k.a. The Kindly Hermudgeon)
2)  Thus Spake the Hermudgeon
3)  Thus Spake the Hermudgeon  
4)  My rules: Visit the site and leave a comment on the post "A Halloween Visit." Include the word "batty" in your comment.
5)  Prize: Visitors' names will be put into a box and one name drawn.  Winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

Be sure to come back all weekend long
so you can visit as many blogs as you'd like!

~   ~   ~

That wraps it up for this week - it's about the Trick or Treat Blog Adventure!

The best treat you can give back to these authors if you don't 
happen to be a winner of their books, is buy one. ;-)

Thanks so much for playing along.
We hope you enjoyed the event.
Please feel free to leave comments here at JLB Creatives
regarding the fun you had on your Blog Adventure.

The next post will be Tuesday Nov. 1
An Author Splash of Linda Hawley!

Hope to see you then!!! 

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