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Meet Author Christine Meunier

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Now, let's get down to it - our featured guest! This week we are proud to bring you an Excerpt Extravaganza from. . . 
. . .the fabulous Christine Meunier

Book title: Horse Country

Horse Country follows the lives of four young women working and studying in the horse industry.  Two are pursuing careers in the world of breeding thoroughbreds whilst the other pair teaches horse riding at their parent’s metropolitan riding school.

Horse Country is written to open people’s eyes to potential careers with horses and how much fun it can be to work, study and travel around the world because of horses.

Hunter pulled up to the side of the stable, a large grin directed at Kaye as he said hello.  She paused from raking with a smile, stepping closer to his Ute to peer into the cab.
“Hello to you both.  Cute pup.  What’s his name?”
“Seriously?  Ok, what’s his name please.
Hunter grinned, barely holding back a laugh, Dave sitting beside him with a large smile also.
“Oh, I’m going to have so much fun with this.”
“With what?” Kaye asked with a frown.
“The name of my kelpie,” Hunter replied smoothly.
“You mean with not telling people the name of your kelpie?”
“But he did,” Dave replied with a chuckle.
“No he didn’t.”
“Sure I did!  His name is Please!” Hunter clarified, stepping out of the car.
“Excuse me?”
“That probably would have worked just as well,” he chuckled, patting the young canine that moved to his seat, peering down at the ground and then up at the farrier as if asking permission to get out of the car.
“Now I am completely lost.”
“I’ve named the dog Please.  It just sounds so polite.  Hop out of the car, Please.  Drop, Please.  Roll, Please.  See?” Hunter finished with a broad grin, rewarding his pup with a pat for being obedient to his requests.
Kaye rolled her eyes, turning her focus back to raking up stray bits of hay out the front of the stables.
“You’re both insane.”
“Me?  What’d I do?” Dave asked, incredulous.
“You encourage him.  Trevor and Declan are in the stables ready when you want to do some work,” Kaye stated gruffly.
Hunter winked at Dave, stepping past the fiery red head and into the darker stables; the pup following at his heels.  The pair found the two men in one of the stalls, looking at the front foot of a yearling.
“Our first victim?” Dave queried, peering through the bars of the stall wall.
“Reckon so,” Declan muttered as he stood up from being bent over the leg Trevor was holding up.
“He’s got a decent crack and is a little sore.”
“Sure we can fix that up with a trim and some shoes.  Is it alright to bring the Ute in here?  Park it in the middle of the breezeway?”
“That should be fine.  We can start on the colt next door, Dave,” Trevor directed, getting out of the box.
He paused to kneel down and say hello to Hunter’s latest acquisition.
“Cute pup, what’s his name?”
Hunter smiled, finding it hard to ignore Dave’s pained look.
“I’ve named him Please,” he stated, winking at his coworker who looked relieved to not have to repeat the conversation they’d had not two minutes ago with Kaye.
Declan laughed from inside the box, keeping a hold of the horse with the cracked hoof.
“That’s great craic!  I love it!”
“Very clever,” Trevor replied with a smile, heading into the box next door while the pair of farriers headed back to the car to relocate it inside the stables.


Please be sure to visit Christine on the web at the following links, and better yet, why not purchase a copy of her book? They also make great gifts for the horse lovers in your life.

Horse Country - A World of Horses available for sale July 1st!

Interested in a horse related career?  Check out


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  1. Hi Janet!

    Thanks so much for sharing some of my book with your readers!

    1. Hi Christine - it is great having your work here on the JLB Creatives Blog. Thanks so much for taking the time to share. ;-)


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