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Meet Author Lance Umenhofer

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Lance Umenhofer 

It’s funny how little is planned when I sit down to write.  I imagine most authors having notebooks, maybe multiple, of ideas and plot points and character sheets for their novels, and when they sit down to write, they compile all of their ideas into paragraph form, having every intention to make their ways to the final climaxes planned out months, maybe years before.

But, through the years, it’s seemed that the more and more I plan out a piece or have a vivid picture of where the story is going or who the characters are, the more and more I stray from it.  I do not like to write within constrictions, even if the constrictions are made by myself.  For instance, in And the Soft Wind Blows, I wanted Roxie to be Timmy’s saving grace.  Without giving too much away, I wanted Timmy to take Roxie in his arms, swing her back, and tell her it would all be O.K., to run away with him to California and start a new life, fresh, with unlimited potential, but it does not turn out to be so.

There’s something about the infinite opportunity of the blinking, black cursor that totally enthralls me.  I stare at it and consider my options, though most times the words take over, and I am left without a say as to which direction the story goes.  My words come out of me as if I were only but an intermediary between their will and their lives on the page.  As I type away, my notebook lies untouched to my side, and I find myself going through it and crossing out things and rewriting other things to make them fit into the parameters I’ve set through the fervent onset of words filling up my screen.  This onset, combatting the enveloping shroud of infinity, continues until I feel with every ounce of me to stop, and let it sit, and let the story be complete.

You can buy my new book, And the Soft Wind Blows, at:


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