Monday, October 21, 2013

Meet Author Bobby Woodall

Hello fans! Do we ever have a treat for you this week. You're going to want to grab a snack, something to drink, and box of tissues because this week's featured author's story will bring you to tears. 

I'd like to introduce you to Bobby R. Woodall. A blessed man of determination, passion, and love for life and family.

Bobby R. Woodall resides in Columbus, Indiana with his wife whom he calls “Babe”...all other
women are doll.  That way, he says, “If we are out in crowd and I say Babe, she knows
it’s me!”  He’s a member of the church of Christ as is his whole family.  Born and raised
in Chickasha, Oklahoma, he now lives in Columbus, Indiana for the last 42 years.  Bobby
writes western novels and was truly a “cowboy”.  He met his wife while shoeing horses
and mules at a quest ranch in Mancos, Colorado at the Stupid Charlie.

Bobby wanted to write but his high school English teacher told him that he could not put
ten words together to make a sentence.  He has penned over 187,000 words in proper
order to compose two novels. “I have a satisfied mind I never write an other,” he says.
His first book, Clearwater is about a “serial killer” of the old west.  In his second novel,
Mercer’s Manor, is a post Civil War that also includes a love story with the elements
of found love, lost love and betrayal.  The ending of both books are rather unique.  He
reads Clearwater when he is hungry for adventure and Mercer’s Manor when he feels
nostalgic or history mode.

Bobby writes from his vivid imagination with just a smattering of reality.  He often
asks his friends if he may use their names.  He doesn’t think of writing as work, it’s sort
of therapy. “A writer can use his or her work to vent their frustrations, live out their
fantasies or just be someone else for a bit of time.

One will not find any profanity, vulgarity or graphic sex scenes in either novel.  He
believes that he shouldn’t have to resort to profanity to get his point across. “Plus,” he
adds, “people should learn about sex  from their mommy’s and daddy’s.”

Bobby had a terrible auto accident 39 years ago (July 21, 1974), that left him with
brain damage.  His car hit two mail boxes, one telephone pole, and rolled over 5 times.  He
was declared legally dead three times.  Oddly though, Bobby did not break bone one, but
two weeks later while in the hospital, he was dropped out of bed in an intensive care
neurological ward and broke his hip.  The doctors told Bobby’s wife that if he lived he
would be a vegetable. “This carrot not only survived, but wrote and got published two
novels, “Bobby says.

Bobby wears an eye-patch, but he is not blind. “I tell the kids that I’m a pirate,” he
jokingly says.  He walks with a limp when he is tired but not confined to a wheel chair.
He talks with a slurred tone of voice, but one can have quite a lively conversation with
him. Tagged with Cerebral Palsy by the Social Security Administration he is classified
totally disabled (not handicapped).

Bobby has an infectious smile on his face and a light-hearted sense of humor.  One can
read the excerpts of both novels and a interview by a lady from Kentucky on his web
page. Listed below are the web page and his email address.



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