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Meet Author Carl Scharwath

Hello fans! Thanks so much for stopping by. This week we are featuring the "Running Poet" - author Carl Scharwath. Check out his interview to learn more about Carl and his work. And if you like what you see, please feel free to share this post with your friends.  Enjoy!


      1.      So you thought you would be a writer:

I first started to write three years ago. After an evening run, crossing a dark street a car came out of the blackness and almost hit me. Feeling an out of body experience I thought this would be a great short story and wrote  a type of poem-short story that was published in The Birmingham Arts Journal. The next three years I was able to write over 55 poems, and 44 were published in various worldwide journals. I am most proud that my first book “Journey To Become Forgotten” was selected to be published by Kindofahurricanepress.  My current focus and concentration has been on writing short stories. Seven short stories were completed with five publishing credits  already awarded.

2.      A zealous fan, one thing to encourage them to be a writer:

Write from your heart, not from your head and let writing be your meditative and soul cleansing creativity.

3.      What Books are you working on:

Currently, I have two Dystopian short stories to complete, will write my first play and work with my daughter and grandson on writing a children's book. My grandson will be the character in the book, so even if it were not to be published this would be a wonderful gift to share with him.

4.      Creativity, where does it come from:

As a competitive runner most of my ideas are born from my long runs. I zone out the actual activity of running and my thoughts run wild with ideas for poems, short stories and plays.
Unfortunately by the time I get home, sometimes I forget that poetry line. Perhaps I need to run with a voice recorder? A pen and paper might just draw attention-smile.

5.      How much time do you devote to writing:

This is an area that needs personal improvement. Currently with a full-time job, running three days a week, cross-training the other two and spending time with my grand-son I have only averaged one hour per week. Since I keep a running log, this would be a great place to incorporate the time spent writing. My future  goal of 5 hours per week devoted to pure writing will be accomplished going forward.

6.      Do you Ever study writing?:

My study would consist of reading. I love to read and spend at least one hour per night enjoying books. I believe reading helps you to write. Since I will be working on my first play, I have been devouring short plays to help me understand the process and layout of a play.
I love spending time in local thrift stores  for books and found a classic, “ Simon & Shuster Handbook for  Writers” to help me with sentence structure and grammar. I am happy to say ultimately that I am a self-taught writer.

There you have it! We certainly hope you enjoyed Carl's interview as much as we did. Be sure to stop by next week to discover Author Rathan Krueger.

Until next time...Stay casual, live life to the fullest, and have a piece of chocolate for me!

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