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Meet Author Connie Smith

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This week we are featuring Connie Smith. We're certain you'll fall in love with her and her work the way we did. So without any further ado, we proudly introduce to you...

Author Connie Smith

Connie has chosen to bring you a JLB Creatives exclusive feature:
An Author Splash.

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My name is Connie L. Smith, and I’m a new author working my way through my first trilogy. You can find the link to buy Essenced, the first book, (only $1.99 when not on sale) on my website.

I have a very distinct obsession with the 1950s. And Christmas. I decorate like crazy.

I read way too much for my own good, and would seriously consider starting a book review site if I didn’t already have so many places to invest my time. I love a good fantasy story, and YA has wedged its way into my heart.

Supernatural is my current TV obsession, and my music collection just wouldn’t be complete these days without a big dose of Hinder. Their bassist is actually my soul mate. He just doesn’t necessarily know it.

I studied History in college (Northern Kentucky University), so my semesters included too much research about dead people.

I have a few old lady hobbies. I love to bake and make junk food, especially around the holiday season, and I’ve done a bit of sewing in my time as well. I’m also not-so-terrible at floral arrangements.

This may sound like an impressive list of abilities, but you have to balance it out with the fact that I stink at driving and can’t swim. It’s a give and take situation.

I’m terrified of bees. Seriously. I’m not even really allergic, but I’ll dance and dodge to avoid them.

For years, I’ve been disappointed in myself for being in the theater for Return of the King, hearing Aragorn ask, “What say you?” and not yelling, “Ni.” Alas. Some regrets we can do nothing about.

Fairies make me happy. In fact, a fairly big portion of me will always be sad that I don’t have wings. And that I can’t swing dance. And that I can’t own a winged horse.

I love photography, but I’m not that amazing at it from an artistic standpoint.

I grew up in the country, and it shows. Sometimes all the twang in my accent combines into a centralized force and shoves it way into conversation. I still like some of the simpler aspects of that kind of life – sitting on a front porch swing or staring at a mountain stream. There’s something tranquil about those smaller things, and I wouldn’t trade my memories revolving around them for a more city-based childhood.


There you have it - Connie Smith, a down to earth super kind of person, don't you think?
Be sure to check out her latest book - better yet, buy one - and leave her a comment. She'd love to hear from her fans here on the JLB Creatives Blog.

Until we meet again. . .stay casual, live life to the fullest, and have a piece of chocolate for me ;-)

Your blog host

Author Janet Beasley

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