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Enter the world of Hidden Earth Volume 1: Maycly the Trilogy Part 1: Two Altered Worlds

The best selling Hidden Earth Series by Janet Beasley is back! Check out the first book in the series Hidden Earth Volume 1: Maycly the Trilogy Book 1: Two Altered Worlds 

About Hidden Earth Volume 1: Maycly the Trilogy Book 1: Two Altered Worlds 
Maycly is a world everyone longs to experience., but for Iona it has become a fading dream. Her life gets turned topsy-turvy and she finds it’s going to take all she has to hang on. When a mysterious puppy shows up on her doorstep she decides to leave the past behind her, and continue her search for her missing family. 

Abandoning all that is familiar to her, she begins her journey having no idea where she is headed, but the Grand Wizard, SUL, has a plan. Experience the emotions of the trials and triumphs in a world where love is the greatest magic of all. Part 1 ends with a great cliff hanger leading you right into the next Hidden Earth Series book, Part 2 of the trilogy, The Battle of Trust and Treachery. The Hidden Earth Series is an enchanted YA fantasy adventure. Discover the dreams - the magic - the quest!

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or your favorite local retalier. If they don't have this book on the shelves just ask for it by name or by author. 

  About Janet Beasley 
Janet Beasley, author of The Hidden Earth Series (a six volume series), is successfully carving her niche` in
the YA fantasy genre. Even the young at heart are enjoying the escape her writing style presents. Her long term goals include landing The Hidden Earth Series with Scholastic and on Accelerated Reader lists, as well as bringing it to the big screen and/or developing a TV series of adventures. Her ultimate goals remain disclosed to the public at this time, but rest assured, Janet is not afraid to dream big. . .OK, ginormous!

Janet's debut novel, Volume 1 Maycly the Trilogy, raised to the top 3 positions in its genre on Amazon, and even landed ahead of the Hunger Games. Maycly the Trilogy is being considered for classroom applications and being placed on national reader lists such as Macaroni Kid and YALSA. 

Janet is one whom media pros have found to be quite a treat. She is not camera shy, and enjoys speaking to large groups. She has been interviewed through pod casts regarding her authorship on programs such as Judyth Piazza's Student Operated Press, and J Blair Brown's Livin' the Dream. Janet will spoke at the Florida Authors and Publishers Association fall convention in 2014. She and her husband have appeared in TV commercials, spread ads, and international conferences, and have done several radio spots as characters or themselves.

Janet is multi-talented when it comes to her creativity. She excels in technical theater, multi-media, audio visual, has developed a training center and its curriculum for AV technicians. She has produced and directed theatrical productions, and served as a theater lighting and special effects technician. She has written fiction - non-fiction – stage plays - and an autobiography. She has crafted award winning poetry, and been published in trade specific magazines. Janet enjoys the outdoors by kayaking and hiking with her husband, and photographing nature. She also loves animals (dogs are her favorite), spending time with her family, and baking cupcakes. 

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