Friday, November 28, 2014


At JLBCP we all remember the good ol' days of
helping grandma in the kitchen as she prepared
a feast that was always fit for a king
on Thanksgiving Day. 

Photo courtesy of Janet Beasley - copyright
After Thanksgiving celebration here in America, there are always tons of leftovers. We feast on turkey dishes for a week after (at least)! Here's some great leftover ideas you can do with your leftover feast.

  • Chop leftover turkey and use in soups and stews.
  • How about turkey enchiladas? Chop it up and add some of your favorite Mexican seasonings.
  • Turkey sandwiches can become why not add some avocado slices, sprouts, and/or olives to mix it up.
  • Sweet potatoes? Mash 'em up and make a casserole...don't forget the yummy little marshmallows.
  • Sliced turkey? Make some quick turkey roll-ups. Spread with cream cheese, add a dash of garlic pepper, and green onion. Roll 'em up and enjoy!
  • Freeze turkey in individual serving sizes to use in future recipes
  • Combine your left over turkey and mashed potatoes to make a base for a turkey casserole.
  • Grab a bag of dry Fettuccine Alfredo to whip up, and add your left over turkey, some peas, and onions to make a warm, hearty meal
  • Save your leftover cranberry sauce and use it on pancakes or waffles
  • Use that leftover dressing to make a tasty filling in baked acorn-squash cups
  • Leftover muffins can easily be cut in half and grilled in butter for a breakfast twist
  • Too much pudding leftover? Divide into single serving cups, cover, and refrigerate for a great after-school snack.
From all of us at JLB Creatives Publishing, here's wishing you and yours a super weekend!

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