Monday, January 5, 2015

JLB Creatives Publishing: A Green Company

Did you know that JLB Creatives Publishing is a green company? That's right we are and proud of it. Our books and authors are important to us but so is the environment. We want the forests and trees to be around for our great, great grand kids to enjoy.

There for all of our pint books are SFI compliant. Inside our books you'll find this message:

In an effort to maintain our planet's most efficient use of trees, JLB Creatives Publishing uses a printing company that meets the certification requirements for SFI (Secure Forestry Initiative) compliance.

That means all of our books are printed on recycled paper or paper made only from certified forests. This way our forests will stay full and healthy places for us, our families and future generations to enjoy. 

JLB Creatives Publishing brings you fantastic quality printed books (and ebooks too :) that are good for the mind and good for our forests. 

To find out more about SFI certified products visit there website

Discover more books for all ages and genres at our website at Authors visit our site for manuscript guidelines and how to submit your book. JLB Creatives Publishing only accepts digital submissions. 

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JLB Creatives Blog Hosts
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