Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Where will you find our CEO next?

Hello fans - welcome to the JLB Creatives Publishing Blog. We're so glad you decided to join us once again after our holiday break. We are already busy at work preparing posts for you in hopes of bringing a bit of enjoyment throughout 2015. There is tons in store this year for the publishing company, and we want our fans to be the first to get the news as it comes in. So be sure to follow our blog and/or hop on over to www.Facebook.com/JLBCreatives and join the nearly 10,000 other cool peeps who have liked our page, and better yet be sure to share us with your literary friends and family.

So, the big question...where will our CEO be next? Look for our CEO Janet Beasley to appear at the Steampunk and Industrial Show taking place January 24-25, 2015 at Renniger's Market in beautiful Mount Dora, Florida. Janet and her husband will be selling some of their awesome Steampunk and Cos-play creations. Everything from Steampunk decorated guns and hats, to jewelry, and beyond! 

Janet will be signing autographs if you purchase one of her YA enchanted epic fantasy books from her Hidden Earth Series collection. Volume 1 Maycly the Trilogy rose to the top 3 positions on one chart, landed ahead of The Hunger Games on another, and has received 5 stars from Readers Favorite! 

AND EVEN BIGGER NEWS: ATTENTION Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, and Fantasy aspiring authors - Be sure to stop by the JLB Creatives Publishing Booth at the festival to pitch your creative novel to our CEO - YES, submissions are open for these genres through January! Hope to see you at the festival.

Can't make it to the festival to pitch your novel to our CEO? No problem, you are invited to make your submission online anytime this month. Visit Submission Guidelines to get started.

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JLB Creatives Editor Dar Bagby (L) and JLB Creatives CEO Janet Beasley (R)