Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Prompt: Urban Legends

This week let's have some fun with urban legends. I'm sure you've heard most of them, or maybe your town has one of its own. Some legends are funny, but most are meant to give warning or be frightening. This week's story will be dark fiction or horror and a minimum of 1,000 words, based on an urban legend. Here are a few you can choose from.

1. Sewer Gators
This legend is usually centered around large cities like New York, but I'm sure there's a few rogue sewer gators in rural America. The legend states these monstrous creatures came from abandoned pets that were flushed before they became to big to handle.

2. The Vanishing Hitchhiker  
This one has long been a favorite. You pick up a young girl/guy alongside a dark road. You give them a lift home but after pulling into the driveway the hitchhiker has suddenly disappeared. You knock on the door to make sure they got in alright but instead are told he or she had been killed on that road years before.

3. Buried Alive
This one can barely be considered an urban legend considering how often people have been buried alive. In fact, in the past many coffins were even equipped with strings that ran through the ground and were connected to a bell not far away. This way if anyone did happen to be buried alive they could pull the string and get the undertaker’s attention.

Okay, take your pick or use a local urban legend. Shape it into your own dark fiction. Can't wait to see what you've written!

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