Friday, February 20, 2015

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Welcome to the JLB Creatives Publishing Blog. A great place to gather information, possibly discover something new and cool now and then, be inspired, and most of all have fun!

JLB Creatives Publishing Team is always having fun of some sort. Whether they are at their weekly team meeting, or out on the road attending and speaking at conventions, conferences, or events, this team of literary divas is continually looking for the next FUN thing. 

This year is going to be a year of incredible fun with new ideas coming your way from this ground breaking publishing company.

2014 was JLB Creatives Publishing's debut year, and the accomplishments of "fun-ness" abounded! In addition to taking aspiring, top notch authors through the publishing process, JLBCP became members of FAPA, UPPAA, and FPEA. They joined forces with other industry professionals to bring about unique ways to get the word out for their authors. Their one on one service with their authors throughout the publishing process became their signature service. The team members shared the fun speaking to school groups, 4-H clubs, and at conferences and conventions nationwide regarding several different aspects of the literary world. And their uncanny knack at putting together eye-catching presentations put them on the map nationally.

When it comes to their line of business JLBCP is all about quality, not quantity. The JLBCP team lives by the words, "We create literary masterpieces, we don't just print books." Authors around the globe are starting to pick up on this tag line, and are discovering they are being treated as authors should be before, during, and after the publishing process.

A brand new addition in 2015 for JLBCP is their Steampunk Line of cosplay guns, props, jewelry, etc. In the near future you'll be seeing a line of unique steampunk, diesel punk, and cyber punk products crafted by BeaslePunk. It's almost a crime to call BeaslePunk's imaginative work, props only. Many of their creations definitely fall into the art category, and are being considered for use as upscale decor in themed establishments. This creative team's work is amazing, and has stopped many in their tracks as they pass by the JLB Creatives Steampunk booth at festivals and events. Why not bookmark the JLBCP Steampunk Page now and keep checking as product is coming soon! And if you're a Steampunk author, you're welcome to make a submission from the JLB Creatives Publishing website at  

And wait till you catch a glimpse of the next amazing literary project coming from JLBCP. It is being kept under wraps until its pre-release event hits the scene late spring/early summer. Give the JLBCP literary divas another couple of months and you're going to be blown away by their latest horizon-conquering, writing-wizardry idea that has been in the works since summer of 2014. This idea is so far out of the box, JLBCP decided to do away with the box completely and create with no boundaries. It's going to take some hefty pioneering and creative marketing to present this idea to the masses, but not to worry...the JLBCP divas are just the ones to serve as the "Davy Crocketts" to make it happen!

Event appearances and speaking engagements are already being scheduled for 2015, so be sure to stay tuned to the blog for the latest events where you'll find JLBCP's team. And of course the Pickford Community Library's Young Writer's Workshop is underway for the year, so you can expect to see this year's aspiring author's next anthology published late this spring.

Thanks for stopping by. And remember, time flies when you're having fun!

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