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World-building ~ Straight from the JLBCP CEO, Fantasy Author Janet Beasley

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The Fantasy World of Maycly ~ created by Janet Beasley
Illustration by Dar Bagby
copyright 2010
As a fantasy author myself, I must say that world-building has become one of my most treasured tasks throughout the writing process of my fantasy novels. 

I'd like to share a few tips on creating a realistic world for your readers to enjoy. When I begin to write my fantasy novels, I begin to create my world. Often times it takes me a few chapters to settle in, and fully begin the task of building my world to the fullest. Below are 10 things from a larger list of tools I use when the time comes to turn my imagination into a realistic, fictional world.

1) What shape is your world? (round, flat, etc.)
2) What kind of climate(s) are found on your world?
3) Is there water, or is your world a dry, baron desert?
4) Are there mountains, valleys, caves, fields, meadows, etc.?
5) What kind of dwellings do your characters live in?
6) What are the modes of transportation?
7) Is there currency of any kind?
8) Are there weapons?
9) Is there a section of your world that is forbidden?
10) Do you magic laws fit your world, or do they need to be adjusted?

These 10 tips should get your creative juices flowing. Once you begin to build your world, you will find many other questions that need answered to certain that your very own masterpiece becomes a fictional reality. 

Bonus Tip: 11) HAVE FUN!

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