Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thrusday Prompt: Junk Drawer Challenge

This week we're going to have a fun challenge and maybe find a few things we forgot we owned! It's time for a Junk Drawer Challenge! Every house or office has at least one. It might be a box, closet or other container instead of a drawer, but I can say for certain we all have a junk catcher somewhere. :)

For this challenge, you are going to go to that drawer full of inspiration and open it up. Don't take time to study the contents. Don't even look in the drawer if you're sure there's nothing dangerous to your fingers inside. You have five seconds to pick up three objects from different locations in the drawer. Yup, only five seconds. That keeps you from taking too much time or thinking about what you're picking up. You want your story inspirations to be purely random objects. Go on and grab your treasures I'll be waiting right here.

*Whistles and waits while you pick out your junk... er treasures.* Oh good you're back! Now let's sit down at the computer or with a notebook and examine your finds. Look at each object and think about what a character would do with it or use it for. Don't linger too long here just take five minutes or so to let your muse wonder on this.

Once the time is up open up a shiny new page and start writing using each of the objects in your story. You can use any genre or wordcount for this one. Most important have fun with it! Okay get writing I'm going to go raid my junk drawer for inspiration!

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