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Find out what Martians think about Earthlings in Lill and Mewe and the Secrets of Mars!

About book one of the Lill and Mewe series Lill and Mewe and the Secrets of Mars
When Lill, a young Martian girl, receives a telescope for her birthday and locates planet Earth, she and her water cat, Mewe, "borrow" a new spacecraft called the Whisper 5 and travel to Earth, where they meet a girl named Lily. Back on Mars, Lill looks for her brother Merak, who, also on a mission, has lost contact when his warp drive safety failed and may have left the galaxy. Lill later learns Merak was rescued, but by whom? 

As Lill watches Mewe swim race at Frogscry River, where she competes with the other water cats, Lill discovers a glowing orb in the wall of a cave. The orb holds the thoughts of Martians who have died hundreds of years ago, along with ancient wisdom. What will she learn from the orb? Will she find Merak? What are the secrets of the history of Mars? 

Follow the exciting adventures of Lill and Mewe as they seek answers in a world of advanced computers, androids, and artificial intelligence.

What readers are saying about Lill and Mewe and the Secrets of Mars
Five Stars! 
Charming in its simplicity, yet surprisingly complex. There is a lot going on with this fun little story. The author has some big ideas and writes for her target audience. The secrets of Mars are revealed with a civilization hidden beneath the surface of the red planet. The focus of the story is on Lill, her younger brother and their insatiable curiosity. The story ends piquing my curiosity and leaves me ready for the sequel. Like a good series should, this first book comes to a satisfying end, but leaves the reader with a few questions. This story is perfect for middle grade and some young readers, especially if they are interested in fun and science!

Five Stars!
I like to preview what my children will be reading. The imagination and scientific facts that filled this book made it very enjoyable reading. I found myself becoming intrigued with the story and ended up reading the entire book Lill and Mewe and the Secrets of Mars. I feel children will find it adventuresome and educational with the facts of Mars and space. I find this author's work truly enjoyable reading for all ages.

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Once you've read about the secrets of Mars be sure to pick up book two! Lill and Mewe Journey to the Ocean of Runa and be on the lookout for upcoming book three Lill and Mewe: Mission to Zanda.

About the author Jean E. Lane
Jean E.Lane grew up in the once active steel town of Youngstown, Ohio. Since then, she has moved to the
Orlando, Florida area and considers this her home. Shortly afterward, she met and later married her husband Ken; now they have a home just northwest of Orlando.

She studied Journalism at Writers Institute and Finance at Penn State. Most of her life included working in Accounting and Purchasing. Although she liked working with numbers, she knew she had an aptitude for writing at an early age. Jean had poems published in Seacoast Life Magazine, Wide Open Magazine, and was a poetic contributor to The Copy Desk Flash, a school newspaper. Later she signed a contract with Creative Directions as a free-lance writer of verse for greeting cards.

It was her love of science and science fiction that prompted her to write her first children’s novel, “Lill and Mewe and the Secrets of Mars”, the first of her series. Her inspiration came with the birth of her niece Lily and shortly afterward a nephew, Andrew. As with all children, she wanted them to enjoy reading…and there’s nothing like a good adventure.

Where to find Jean on the web! 
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@AuthorJeanELane Twitter

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